Easy Duplicate Finder

Detect and delete duplicate files on your system


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If you want to have more free space in your HD, you should have in mind using this program that will help you find and delete any duplicate file in it. Why should you use it? We can answer that question with another question: Is necessary to have the same files two or three times stored in your HD? The answer is Not, because you'll be only wasting Mbs.

Using Easy Duplicate Finder you'll be able to find all those duplicate files and decide which one to erase. It's not only once that we have the same file stored in two different folders, and that's a waste of space you don't desire.

Easy Duplicate Finder works really fast and accurately. Just follow two simple steps and you'll have a list of duplicate files. Then delete the ones you don't want and enjoy some Mbs or Gbs, what will mean also a better performance of your PC.

If your HD is next to full and emptying the recycled bin hasn't been an effective method, Easy Duplicate Finder can be the final solution.
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